COVID-19 special

I have already placed an order, but it is showing a long delivery date?

Amidst this chaos, we are gearing up our operations and making provisions to deliver the products across the country to cater to all our customers safely in all zones following the Central and respective State Government guidelines. Hence, deliveries may take longer than usual. We appreciate your patience regarding this situation.

Delayed delivery in case of International Delivery?

International shipment and orders will take longer than usual (About 4-8 weeks) due to inconveniences caused due to international trade issues during the pandemic. We are putting our best efforts to serve our customers, and highly appreciate patience and understanding.

What are we doing to keep customers and employees safe?

Customer safety is of utmost importance to us and we are closely monitoring the impact of COVID-19. We are following strict covid-19 guidelines for the safety and support of our customers, communities, and employees during this difficult time. For guidance on COVID-19, please refer to the World Health Organization website