No Need To Return Policy

What is "No Need To Return" Policy?

After any customer places an order on website or app, if the customer receives a wrong product (For Example: Instead of a Tablet if he /she receives a Laptop) then there is "no need to return" the wrong product based on the term and conditions given in this policy. We shall keep an account of the full invoice amount for that order number and the product ID details to process a refund or replace, whichever is possible based on the circumstances. Customer will not be able to demand another alternative in 'wrong product delivery' case. The timeline bound limit will not be in place for the replacement product in this case. 


Terms & Conditions of "No Need To Return" Policy

1. "No Need to return Policy" is only a promotion for limited time on This policy promotion is only enforced when the wrong product is delivered  on orders made on

2. By clicking check box on Checkout page before placing order, the customer agrees that they have read and understood this promotional policy details in full consciousness and are bound to obey all rules of this "No Need To Return Policy" Promotion of

3. This Policy does not include any kind of material defects related claims of queries nor any other functionality defect or size difference related issues for any product ordered on

4. This policy does not promise that the image of the product on the website should resonate exactly with the actual product received. 


What is NOT covered under " No Need To Return Policy" Promotion?

1. Clothing categories of all kind are not covered due to the nature of the product.

2.  Any material quality related issues on any products available on are not covered under this policy.

3. Any color or shades related issues on any products available on are not covered under this policy.


What do I need to do to claim benefit of No Need To Return Policy?

1. You must provide order ID and verification for your identity to get the benefit of this policy promotion.

2. You must raise query or claim against the wrong product received by sending us the information via Customer Service at  +91 814 1234 399 or E-mail within 12 hrs of getting the product delivery. No claims will be entertained after the above said time line of delivery. 

3. Onshopdeals will take 1-7 business days to investigate / validate then claim or query. After investigation and verification with internal data system, the final say on acceptance/rejection of the claim will be done by

4. Customer must provide an unopened package photo of the wrong product received from with its original packaging. Picture/video should consist of the received parcel where the tape in not damaged or tampered with along with Tracking ID, Order ID and customer name should be clearly visible in order to receive and claim the benefits under this policy. This can include images and video to be sent on the E-mail 

5. Customer must opt for Product Visualization Experience feature which is optional choice offered by under which, may give you actual product visual support through email or any other possible electronic medium to verify correct product identification from customer's end. 

6. If any customer confirms the product through "product visualization support" that he or she has the correct product received, he will not be entitled to receive " No Need To Return Policy" Benefit for that order.

7. Upon customer request via the E-mail, if the customer is still unsure about understanding the facts of this policy, can help the customer understand by answering all questions and queries related to this policy and benefits before the customer makes a purchase.