Strauss Dual Yoga Massage Ball

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  • Strauss Dual Yoga Massage Ball
  • Strauss Dual Yoga Massage Ball
  • Strauss Dual Yoga Massage Ball
  • Strauss Dual Yoga Massage Ball
  • Strauss Dual Yoga Massage Ball
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Strauss Dual Yoga Massage Ball


  • Athletes are serious about back and spine care. The Dual Point Massager comfortably cradles the spine while still providing the pressure needed to increase circulation and decrease knots, tightness, soreness and recovery times.
  • Get back in the game faster with the massager designed to comfortably cradle your spine while providing deep-tissue massage, targeted point release and overall muscle maintenance from head to toe.
  • The Dual Point Massager’s unique design and sturdy foam construction are perfect for massaging muscles, targeted pressure points and working the tissues around the spine to increase the mobility that’s key to a healthy back.

Pain / Tightness Relief


  • Self massage, provides effective pain relief and reduces inflammation, stiffness and sore muscles
  • Convenient portability, nylon gear bag makes traveling to the gym or to the office convenient and easy
  • Improved mobility, increases flexibility and enhances range of motion, perfect for pre or post workouts
  • Multiple uses, perfect for trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage and corrective therapy

Improved Athletic Performance


  • Its texture is soft enough to use on more sensitive areas like your neck, yet hard enough to unlock tougher muscles like your back, legs and everywhere else you’re ready to roll
  • More effective than traditional stretching, massage ball warmup will help you prevent injuries and prepare body even for the toughest workouts without compromise in strength or performance. After the workout use the balls to soothe sore muscles and speed up recovery time



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